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HINODE Operation Plan (HOP)

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HOP 0060

CORE: Quiet Sun Dynamics

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 name : Warren, Mariska, Ugarte Urra, Brooks @  e-mail : harry.warren[at]nrl.navy.mil

contact person in HINODE team

 name : J. T. Mariska @  e-mail : mariska[at]nrl.navy.mil

 abstract of observational proposal
Hinode provides a unique opportunity to track the flow of energy into the
transition region and corona from the photosphere. The EIS instrument is particularly well suited to observing the release of energy over a wide range of temperatures at high temporal resolution. We propose that Hinode perform an extended observation of the quiet Sun using a combination of high cadence EIS 40hslot movies, SOT magnetograms and filtergrams, and XRT filter images. The focus of these observations is on highly dynamic transient heating events presumably driven by magnetic flux cancelation on small spatial scales. This high cadence study complements the 72 hour study proposed by Peter Young to study the evolution of the quiet Sun over longer time periods.

 request to SOT
. NFI magnetograms matched (approximately) to the EIS slot movie field of view, 70s cadence.
. BFI filtergrams in Ca II and G]band, EIS slot movie field of view, 70s cadence.

 request to XRT
256x512 images in a thin filter (e.g., C_poly) and a thicker filter (e.g., Be_thin) at a cadence of 70s.

 request to EIS
. IUU_SLOT_148x400 observing program. This study runs at a relatively high rate
(~90 kps) so the EIS data allocation may need to be raised slightly for this period.
. 148hx400h field of view, 70s cadence, images in Mg VI]Fe XVI

 other participating instruments

General constraints:
. 24 hours of continuous observing (no synoptics during the op period)
.Either fixed pointing or tracking is acceptable

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