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HOP 0056

CORE/TOO: Quiescent Prominence Structure and Dynamics Study

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 name : T. Berger @  e-mail : berger[at]lmsal.com

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 name : T. Berger @  e-mail : berger[at]lmsal.com

 abstract of observational proposal
The primary requirements for observing the plumes are highest possible spatial and temporal resolution. For SOT, 2x2 summing (0.108 arcsecond pixels) suffices to resolve the plumes. Typical SOT cadence values used for past plume observations is 15\30 sec. Both EIS and TRACE see prominences in EUV absorption. Since the plumes are at the resolution limit of TRACE, unless they are bright in the 171Å or 195Å they will not be visible. For EIS, the plumes may be visible if they are bright or if they are seen in absorption against EUV loops in the background. EIS cadence should not exceed 30 seconds or the plumes may be too blurred by motion to be definable.  

 request to SOT

 request to XRT
SOT Filament Study details: On-disk filament program 1:  FG:   BFI:  Ca II H-line 2k x 2k, 2x2 sum, 200 msec exposure, Q90   NFI: H line center 2k x 2k, 2x2 sum, 250 msec exposure, Q90   Cadence = 30 sec  SP: repeated Fast map of PIL region  On-disk filament program 2:  FG: BFI:  Ca II H-line 2k x 2k, 2x2 sum, 200 msec exposure, Q90   NFI: Na ID IVDG mode, 2k x 2k, 2x2 sum, 120 msec exposure, I:Q90   Cadence = 30 sec  SP: repeated Fast Map of PIL region

SOT Prominence Study details: Limb Prominence program 1:  FG only  BFI:  Ca II H-line, 2k x 2k, 2x2 sum, 500 msec exposure, Q90  NFI:  H }208mA DG, 1408x1408, 2x2 sum, 500 msec exp, Q90  Cadence = 20 seconds  Limb Prominence program 2:   FG only  BFI:  Ca II H-line, 2k x 2k, 2x2 sum, 500 msec exposure, Q90  NFI:  Na ID line Shuttered IQUV, Q95  Cadence = 30 seconds  This is an experimental program to look for linear polarization signals in prominences to be used for possible Hanle effect measurements.

 request to EIS
The new slot movie with cool line windows is requested for this program (IUU_Slot_148_400). For the on-disk filament observations, the slot should be positioned to center on the filament. For the limb observations, the slot should be positioned to traverse as much of the central sheet as possible. Only one raster position is requested so that a cadence of ~15 seconds can be achieved.

 other participating instruments

Target: Since the geometry of plume-forming prominences is not understood relative to the appearance of the polar crown filaments seen on the disk, we request a three-day observing period in which a large polar crown filament is followed to its West limb apparition. Following the appearance on the West limb, fixed pointing is required. Ideally the prominence will be a large sheet or ehedgerowf prominence with the sheet perpendicular to the line-of-sight. This is obviously a Target-of-Opportunity (TOO) program. We do not require 24-hour monitoring of the target; 4 hours per day is sufficient.  

Duration: The daily observation should be in the SAA-free period near start of OP and last for at least 4 hours. This duration is driven by the episodic nature of the plumes – there are sometimes 1\2 hours in which plumes are not seen in a given prominence followed by bursts of activity.  

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