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HOP 0051

SUMER campaign - Multi temperature observation of the Quiet Sun with EIS and SUMER

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 name : K. Matsuzaki @  e-mail : matuzaki[at]solar.isas.jaxa.jp

contact person in HINODE team

 name : K. Matsuzaki @  e-mail : matuzaki[at]solar.isas.jaxa.jp

 abstract of observational proposal
Investigation of morphology of the Quiet Sun resolving emission measure of
plasma components in wide temperature range. The observation is optimized
for the multi temperature deconvolution analysis (Matsuzaki et al. 2007).
In addition to the Fe lines used by Matsuzaki et al. (2007), Mg lines are
obtained with EIS and O lines are obtained with SUMER in order to extend
the temperature coverage.

 request to SOT
FG: Shuttered IQUV, Ca II (H), G-band, CN ; FOV 2k x 2k
SP: 0.16" observation ; FOV larger than 128"(east-west) x Full Hight
scan speed of 1" / 100sec from west to east (if possible).

 request to XRT
512"x512" observations in about 10 min cadence with many filters
(eg. 9 filters with two different exposure time).
Each data set should be obtained as short as possible.

 request to EIS
128"x512", 1"slit scan step 1" from west to east
100sec x 128 step observation with 23 (TBD) line widnows.

HeII 256.32

OVI 184.02+184.12
CaXVII 192.82 (O V blend)
OIV 280.05

MgV 276.57
MgVI 269.00, 270.40
MgVII 276.15, 276.99, 278.39, 280.75

FeVIII 185.21
FeIX 171.07
FeX 184.54
FeXI 188.23
FeXII 195.12, 186.88
FeXIII 202.04, 203.83
FeXIV 274.20, 264.78
FeXV 284.16
FeXVI 262.98

## 213min (not include mechanical movement)

EIS also observes O lines for cross corrleation
with SUMER and density sensitive lines of iron.

 other participating instruments
SUMER - scan with two line windows which includes Oii Oiii Oiv Ov.
Raster size: 120 x 180
Raster increment: 1.5"
Target: quiet Sun
Exposure time: 40 s
Duration: 3 hours => 184min

Time difference between EIS and SUMER scan at a position should be minimized
which requires definition of starting time of the observation in the
order of ten minutes.

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