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HOP 0050

CORE: Physics of Spicules type II

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 name : M. Carsson @  e-mail : m.p.o.carlsson[at]astro.uio.no

contact person in HINODE team

 name : T. Berger @  e-mail : berger[at]lmsal.com

 abstract of observational proposal
The goal is to investigate the physics of spicules type II through
coordinated observations with Hinode and SST. We want to try to
determine apparent velocities along the spicules/straws, whether these
velocities are material motions and the thermodynamic evolution. We
also want to get statistics on transversal motions. We will try to
achieve the goals through very high resolution observations in three
different Ca-H filters (continuum, inner wing, core), Ca-K filter
(core) and H-alpha (various positions) from SST on La Palma and with
Ca-H BFI and H-alpha from Hinode SOT and various lines with EIS.
Limb pointing with SST is extremely challanging and demands very good
seeing conditions and appropriate faculae close to the limb for AO-
We thus need a long observing period to get a chance to get the required

 request to SOT
SOT/FG: a) Halpha 2 WL core DG + CaH (prog_ver=0x152)
           H-alpha    704x816 S2 (112.6"x130.6") 2WL (+-410 mA)  et=400 ms
           Ca II H  1024x1024 S2 (108.5"x108.5") et=600 ms
           15s cadence

        b) Ha wing 2-wl, CaH, no blocker stow (prog_ver=0x140)
           H-alpha    704x816 S2 (112.6"x130.6") 2WL (+-800 mA)  et=300 ms
           Ca II H  1024x1024 S2 (108.5"x108.5") et=600 ms
           20s cadence

        c) Halpha -2450mA + Ca II H + RC, 2kx2k 2x2, 15s  (prog_ver=0x162)
           H-alpha    704x816 S2 (112.6"x130.6") 2WL (-2450 mA)  et=100 ms
           Ca II H  1024x1024 S2 (108.5"x108.5") et=500 ms
           red cont 1024x1024 S2 (108.5"x108.5") et=50 ms
           15s cadence

 request to XRT

 request to EIS
           rasters that cover a wide range of lines:
            e.g. TW_AR010 or HPW_004
           slot time series
            e.g. VHH001_SLOT40

 other participating instruments
SST: Ca-H, Ca-K, H alpha

pointings: limb and magnetically active regions on disk
Best chances of good seeing are UT 8-11.

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