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rev 10-Oct-07 rev 17-Oct-07

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HOP 0049

SUMER campaign - Doppler Shifts in X-ray Jets (target of opportunity) (former HOP27-1b) [SUMER-10]

plan term

target of opportunity

@ @


 name : D. Markiewicz-Innes @  e-mail : innes[at]linmpi.mpg.de

contact person in HINODE team

 name : J. L. Culhane @  e-mail : jlc[at]mssl.ucl.ac.uk

 abstract of observational proposal
Scientific Objectives:

1. Obtain Doppler shifts in X-ray loops and coronal structures.
2. To identify the origin and fate of high velocity, compact plasmoids that are
seen as small regions of high Doppler shifted emission in the corona above active regions on the limb.
3. Study of loop oscillations triggered by microflares.
4. Investigate the association between hot X-ray jets, cold H I and He II jets and coronal mass ejections.

 request to SOT
1-b. HINODE/SOT - Ca II and H alpha 50hx100h  high cadence images on the limb.

 request to XRT
1-b. HINODE/XRT - High cadence, single filter images of the limb active region + occasional G-band

 request to EIS
1-b. HINODE/EIS - Several studies are available and have been tested in April 2007 campaign.
          inn_ar_lmb_ra01 - large raster on the limb,
          inn_ar_cor_ra03 - large raster in the corona,
          inn_ar_lmb_ss03 - Sit and stare with in the corona
The actual sequences to be run can be decided once the target is selected.

 other participating instruments
1-b. CDS/EIT TRACE, STEREO, RHESSI, Udaipur, Huairou

1-b. Pointing: The target should be an active region on the limb, when the footpoints are visible on the disk.
Results from previous campaigns: Previous campaigns have used SUMER in sit-and-stare and images from EIT, Trace or YOHKOH. They have suffered from gaps in the time coverage of the imaging instruments, the fixed SUMER campaign weeks and limited SUMER movement which meant that the RHESSI active region targets were not accessible to SUMER so co-ordination with imaging instruments was not done. The main results have been detection of very fast 10 MK Doppler shifts at CME onset (Innes et al, APJL,549,249,2001) and in the tail of reconnection downflows (Innes et al., SoPh, 217, 267, 2003) and Doppler shift oscillation events (eg Wang et al., AA, 402, L17, 2003).

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