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HINODE Operation Plan (HOP)

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rev 10-Oct-07 rev 17-Oct-07

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HOP 0048

SUMER campaign - 3-D structure and evolution of filaments/prominences (former HOP27-3) [SUMER-6]

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 name : D. Markiewicz-Innes @  e-mail : innes[at]linmpi.mpg.de

contact person in HINODE team

 name : J. L. Culhane @  e-mail : jlc[at]mssl.ucl.ac.uk

 abstract of observational proposal
Scientific Objectives: Filaments are cold, dense structures rising up to 50" into the corona. They are believed to be supported by magnetic fields and are
surrounded by hot ionized coronal plasma. Their evolution is possibly accompanied by small high temperature reconnection jets in the transition region and corona. The aim of this HOP-JOP is to observe the 3-D structure of filaments/prominences and their relationship to the surrounding coronal structure. Measurements of the photospheric and chromospheric vector magnetic fields will be used to reconstruct the coronal fields and test theories of filament support. Spectroscopic observations of the chromosphere, transition region, and corona will provide signatures of reconnection and plasma diagnostics.

Target: Filament as it rotates across the disk and prominences on the limb. The observation time is 6 hours at each position.

 request to SOT
3. Hinode/SOT: Ca II, Blue continuum  (2kx2k), Fe I magnetic field
             SP – fast mode map (10hx164g) with repeat, 2 min cadence,
                  fast mode map (100hx164h)

 request to XRT
3. Hinode/XRT:  Single filter, long exposures 512"x512" Al/Poly + occasional G-band

 request to EIS
3. Hinode/EIS: He II, Si VII, Fe VIII, Fe X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVI, XXIV
  Study is dei_qs_80_slot40 + suitable slit2 study from databank

 other participating instruments
3. CDS/MDI, TRACE, STEREO, Udaipur, Huairou


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