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HOP 0040

SUMER campaign - coronal hole

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 name : Kamio
@  e-mail : kamio[at]solar.mtk.nao.ac.jp

contact person in HINODE team

 name : T. Watanabe @  e-mail : watanabe[at]uvlab.mtk.nao.ac.jp

 abstract of observational proposal
The aim of this observing campaign is to study the source of jets and plumes in
coronal hole. It is important to understand their formations which are related
to coronal heating and solar wind acceleration.
Hinode/SUMER campaign was carried out in April 2007. Kamio et al.
(2007) derived line of sight velocities of jets, which are interpreted as reconnection between emerging ux and pre-existing elds in coronal hole. But larger field of view is desired for EIS to study off-limb corona. Crudt et al. (2007) showed that polar plumes are rooted in bright points in coronal hole. More
accurate determination of plume orientation will be possible in October with
increased aspect angle of STEREO spacecrafts. Tsuneta et al. (2007) revealed
the existence of kilo-gauss magnetic fieelds in polar region with SOT/SP observation.

Since magnetic Fields play important roles in jets and plume formation,
the relationship between magnetic field and bright points needs to be studied.
SUMER observes transition region and allows us to study connection between
the photosphere and the corona. In addition, SOT/NFI will provide dynamics in the chromosphere. SP will perform deep mode map to compensate limb darkening near the limb.

 request to SOT
SOT/SP: deep mode scan (8 rotations of wave-plate) in Fe I 630.2 nm
covering full FOV.

SOT/FG/BFI: G-band and Ca II H filtergrams with 1 min cadence

SOT/FG/NFI: Mg I to get Stokes IQUV and Doppler with 5 min cadence

 request to XRT
XRT: highest possible cadence with 1024"x512" FOV, with low temperature
sensitive filters

 request to EIS
EIS: 300"x512" scan with 60 sec exposure

 other participating instruments
North polar region is preferred since it will be tilted about 6 degree towards us
in October 2007.

SUMER/EIS study #32

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