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HINODE Operation Plan (HOP)

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 HOP No.

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HOP 0011

Coordinated Campaign Observation with THEMIS - c. Measurements of Magnetic Energy and Helicity Fluxes

plan term


@ @


 name : E. Pariat @  e-mail : epariat[at]ssd5.nrl.navy.mil

contact person in HINODE team

 name : J. Mariska @  e-mail : mariska[at]nrl.navy.mil

 abstract of observational proposal

 request to SOT
AR Vector magnetograms with the high temporal cadence (gFast maphor gDynamicsh mode of observation)

 request to XRT
Successive multi-wavelengths observations

 request to EIS
266h slot high cadence monochromatic images

 other participating instruments

The standard target would be an active region, not too close from the solar limb (within +/- 40 degrees from the central meridian), if possible presenting some flux emergence in addition with some activity. The studied active region would be followed during the longest period possible.

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