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KAGUYA dropped onto Moon's surface

The lunar explorer "KAGUYA" was maneuvered to be dropped around 80.4 degrees east longitude and 65.5 degrees south latitude onto the Moon at 3:25 a.m. on June 11 (Japan Standard Time).

The KAGUYA carried out global observations of the Moon for 17 months since its launch on September 14,2007.

We are now asking people all over the world to provide us with images of the collision flash generated when the KAGUYA hits the Moon's surface, if someone successfully captures this feat.

The KAGUYA's observation data will be released through the Internet from Nov. 1.


KAGUYA's orbit LALT topographical map (background-image) (Mark is the spot where a "KAGUYA" fell)

(c) JAXA/SELENE (image processing : NAOJ)

LALT topographical map for around the spot where a "KAGUYA" fell

June 11, 2009