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The 22nd Space Science Lecture and Movie Meeting

The annual Space Science Lecture and Movie Meeting was held at Yasuda Life Hall in Nishi Shinjuku, Tokyo on April 12, 2003. This meeting is regularly organized around the anniversary of ISAS’s foundation, April 14. After the opening address by acting Director-General Toshio Matsumoto, Professors Ichiro Nakatani and Hiroshi Murakami presented lectures. This was followed by a Q&A session, and a screening of the video “Scorching Space Shining in X-ray.”

Under the title “Sending Robots to Space - Exploration Technology for the Planetary Surface,” Prof. Nakatani used animation to make the latest planetary exploration technology and MUSES-C technology very understandable. Prof. Murakami’s lecture was entitled “Seeking the Second Earth – Space Exploration by Infrared.“ He talked about observation methods of planets outside the solar system and expectations for the ASTRO-F satellite. In the Q&A session, there were so many astute, expert-level questions that both lecturers became a little flustered.

Before the video presentation, Prof. Hideo Kunieda gave a short introduction. About 320 participants watched the video attentively.

May 2, 2003