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The Exhibition site at “Dream and Freai Mall” bustling with people

At the temporary exhibition tent for the Sagamihara “Dream and Freai Mall” put up next to Ginga Arena, one of the main venues for the Robo Festa, an Exhibition was held with 7 booths presented by universities, industrial high schools and manufacturers in Sagamihara City as well as ISAS. The school groups exhibited robots and PC software they have created and their small but quite intriguing hand-made robots enjoyed great popularity.

ISAS, mobilizing all models displayed at the ISAS lobby, exhibited miniatures of scientific satellites such as NOZOMI, MUSES-C and ASTRO-F and miniatures of reusable launch vehicles and ATR engine as well as photo panels depicting the history of rocket development. We reused the decorations prepared for the last year’s Nikkei 2000 “Dream Technology”, which created a cheerful atmosphere in the exhibition site.

There were people who took their time in reading the photo panels of the rocket development, happy children who printed out the solar images taken on their birthdays by YOHKOH’s X-ray imaging device, and senior citizens who eagerly made questions. One visitor kept asking questions to a staff member for 2 hours! There was also much hustle and bustle just because of its close proximity to the ISAS, such as carrying in a printer from the coop store in place of a broken-down printer for YOHKOH’s images, taking back the solar power satellite diorama to the ISAS for repair, and going for printer ink and leaflets, etc.

The place was always crowded with families on the weekends and holidays, and elementary and junior high school students during weekdays. The total number of visitors to the Sagamihara site for the period of 9 days amounted to about 155,000. A child’s voice telling his parents, “The universe is just great, isn’t it?” when leaving the ISAS’ booth still rings in my ears.

January 18, 2002