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M34-3TVC Static Firing Test

As part of a series of static firing tests relevant to a change in throat material for M-V rocket stage motors, the M-34-3TVC motor vacuum-firing test was carried out at Noshiro Testing Center. Ignition was performed at 10:30AM on September 22. Right after ignition, the rear firing igniter flew away leaving a “beautiful” flight trail behind, and under our tense watch, the motor successfully completed the firing test of 100 seconds, the longest firing time among M-V rockets. The main purpose of verifying the functionality and effectiveness of the nozzle throat made by 3D-C/C was accomplished. It remained in such a good condition after firing that some people even suggested its reuse. Everyone involved seemed quite satisfied with the result.

As the testing day fell on the first day of consecutive holidays, Space Science Hands-on Seminar was concurrently held under the sponsorship of Noshiro City. The seminar comprised an attractive set of Associate Prof. Kuninaka’s lecture, observation of the firing test with comments by Associate Prof. Hori and observation of a test stand after the firing test, which we believe satisfied every participating parent and child.

Although we still have one more big test left for the first-stage M-14 motor scheduled in November, this test marked the completion of firing tests for upper stage motors relevant to a change of throat material.

January 18, 2002