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18,000 People Attend ISAS Open House

The annual ISAS Open House at Sagamihara campus was held on August 25, the last Saturday of the summer holiday. As so many people were waiting for the opening before the scheduled time, we moved up the opening time 20minutes earlier to 9:40. The fine weather meant that people kept coming constantly, and large crowds formed around the demonstration of this year’s new face, the Venus probe mission and rover testing. Many hands-on attractions designed by young members were featured at this year’s open house, causing children to form long lines at the attractions. The annual water-rocket launch held in the schoolyard furnished by Kyowa Elementary School was as popular as ever, and the numbered tickets for the show were used up in no time. Although the participants numbered 18,000 according to the sponsor, the numbers of stamp rally participants and sales at the co-op store seem to indicate that there were in fact even more people than the last year’s 25,000.

October 16, 2001