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M-25-1TVC Static Firing Test

On Friday the 13th, the Japan Sea was dimmed by rain. After receiving a word from far away that the Ariane launch ended in failure, and waiting in a gloomy atmosphere for a break in the clouds for 7 hours, the M-25-1TVC motor static firing test was finally carried out at Noshiro Testing Center. This motor is an improved version of the second stage motor of the M-V rocket, featuring higher propulsion performance enabled by hyperbaric combustion with CFRP motor case as well as lower cost, lighter weight and higher burning rate than the previous ones. Its nozzle throat is made by 3D-C/C, which was introduced, independent of the M-V-4 vehicle mishap, from the very beginning of its designing in order to realize a hyperbaric combustion-resistant nozzle throat. On the other hand, the TVC system has been changed from LITVC to MNTVC also to reduce costs and weight, thereby putting an end to seemingly everlasting issue of leakage of liquid propellant.

Though reproaching myself for being at the mercy of weather, I was deeply moved by the Noshiro testing members’ dedication to safety control and good teamwork that strives to make up for a mistake through collective efforts. The analysis made so far on the obtained data indicates that the motor performed as expected, which added momentum to the MUSES-C launch scheduled next year.

October 16, 2001