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The 20th Lecture and Movie Meeting

The regular Lecture and Movie Meeting was held at the Yasuda Seimei Hall, Shinjuku, Tokyo, on April 14.

ISAS D-G Dr. Matsuo gave the welcome address, Professors Nakagawa and Kawaguchi delivered lectures, and after the Q&A session, the video "Large Balloons - Searching Space from the Sky" was shown.

Professor Nakagawa's lecture included a series of stories that covered the history of space observations and included the very latest scientific satellite in the project ASTRO-F. Professor Kawaguchi introduced the early joint USA-Russia planet probes, the launch of the asteroid mission MUSES-C, and even the dream of future photon rockets.

A total of 338 people attended the event in a hall which has a capacity of 340. It was almost completely full, and many people enjoyed the Q&A session which turned into a very spirited discussion. The only regret was that the meeting went about 30 minutes over time because of questions that could not be abandoned halfway.

July 3, 2001