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The experimental unit of reusable rockets/Fourth static firing test

The experimental unit of reusable rockets was given a static firing test at Noshiro Testing Center from July 17 through August 4. The current experiment, with the aim of confirming operability, started with data acquisition regarding engine thrust control and reignition quality, and was conducted by detecting hydrogen leaks and by examining the environment at the time of takeoff and landing in the flight form mounted with various kinds of equipment. The airframe for the aerodynamic fairing mounted as a vamp in the latter half of the experiment looked a little strange at first, but the staff soon became used to it. Various experiments involving engine-combustion tests were completed as scheduled six times in total, and data were acquired for the next experiments concerning takeoff and landing.

Though the lingering rainy season made the weather comparatively bad in the first half of the experiment, the second half was hit by a heat-wave because of the foehn phenomenon in addition to the end of the rainy season. Compared to the weather during the last experiment in March, it was heavenly (although the weather in the heavens is not always good), but it was embarrassing that the HQ staff were so pale compared to the very tanned experiment group. Because of the hot weather in the second half, the crucial factor necessary for the experiment was physical strength as usual, but the closing party and evaluation meeting on the final day was extremely lively because of the relief felt. The results are known only to the experiment group.

The airframe finished the tests without any problem and was returned to Sagamihara. We are now starting preparations for the next flying tests. The use of the name AvLci inferno for reuse continues.

September 29, 2000