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ISAS Booth Attacted Many People--"Exhibition of Dream Technology for the 21st Century"

Sponsored by Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc., the "Exhibition of Dream Technology for the 21st Century" was held at Tokyo Big Site from July 21 through August 6. ISAS hosted a large booth of 300m2 with the backing of the Ministry of Education. Elaborately planned shows and displays were held at over 70 booths in the spacious venue in front of an audience of more than 1.18 million visitors over the 17-day period.

ISAS conducted various projects at its booth in the hope that more people would expand their dreams for space. The staff of the large wall painting, which depicted a cosmic time tunnel tracing space time from the present back to the past, and others who introduced the scientific missions using satellite models, videos and picture books, responded to questions and even some complaints from visitors.

The moonprobe or planetary explorer Rover demonstration was a great success and every show attracted a large audience, especially for the demonstrations four or five times a day. The output of X-ray images of Yohkoh by the sun was so popular tha people lined up in front of it. Many people enthusiastically watched the videos at the corner displaying the solar power satellite SPS with its hand-made diorama. One third of the questionnaires completed at the venue were concerned with solar power.

Mini-mini Space Classes were held every Saturday and Sunday, and two teachers at a time answered ardent questions ranging from specialized areas to the subject of the ultimate limits of space. Some teachers were still bombarded with questions even after the class had ended. The mini-concert performed by a professional brass band provided a chance to sit down and relax.

With the cooperation of many people from planning to personnel assignment during the session, we were able to complete this great event successfully.

September 29, 2000