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The Forefront of Space Science

Real Identity of “Dark Particle AcceleratorETo Be Explored by “SUZAKUE><br>
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Strong tag team of SUZAKU and HESS

SUZAKU is now revealing the possibility that real identity of some dark particle accelerators is neutron star, which formed after death of stars, and nebula around the star. However, can we assert that “most of the accelerators originate in neutron stars?E

In the meantime, exploration of the Galactic plane in TeV gamma ray advanced and, as a result, number of accelerator candidates has increased to around 50. To obtain a clear conclusion, it is essential that SUZAKU and HESS teams will partner to progress observation of accelerators while keeping quick and close information exchange. In addition, it is important to conduct systematic research, not reacting nervously to observation result of each body. This approach would lead us to full understanding of dark particle accelerators. We have visited the HESS team based on Heidelberg in Germany many times and exchanged information. We and HESS team also coauthored a paper on the accelerator (HESS J1745-303). The SUZAKU and HESS joint team has already observed almost of the accelerator candidates and also plan to explore the remainders.

In the near future, real identity of dark particle accelerators may be unveiled. I hope that, on the day, SUZAKU together with HESS would acquire reputation as key players to uncover the figure of accelerators.

Figure 3
Figure 3. Collaboration of the HESS telescopes located in Namibia and SUZAKUsatellite can solve the mystery over hundred years!?

Aya BAMBA    

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